Booking Protect T&Cs

Booking Refund Protection 

We will provide you with a refund on any unused booking if you are unable to start your holiday on its commencement date due to any of the circumstances set out below. Please note that this is not an insurance  policy. If you purchase Booking Refund Protection these terms and conditions are added to our general terms and  conditions and applied to the booking you make. 


The following words or phrases have the meaning shown below wherever they appear in bold in this document. You/Your/Yourself – A person who has made a booking alone or as part of a group with us. Commencement date – The first day of the holiday. 

Doctor – A qualified medical practitioner registered with a recognised professional body. A doctor cannot be you or  a member of your immediate family. 

Emergency Services – The Police, Fire and Rescue Service or Emergency Medical Services. Holiday – The booking you have made with us to rent a specified property for a specified time where we are acting  as agent of the property owner 

Group– Any number of people who have been declared to us as part of the party for a holiday booked with us with  Booking Refund Protection in the same transaction. 

Illness – A physical or mental condition confirmed by a doctor that prevents you from starting the holiday on the  commencement date. 

Immediate family – Your husband, wife, partner, civil partner, parent, child, brother or sister. Injury – A bodily injury confirmed by a doctor that prevents you from starting the holiday on the commencement  date. 

Public Transport Network – Any mode of public transport other than public hire taxis licensed for public use on  which you had planned to travel to the holiday. 

Booking – A confirmed non-refundable booking of a holiday with us where Booking Refund Protection has been  purchased at the same time as booking the holiday. 

We/us/our – The company with whom you made the booking. 

What will we refund? 

We will refund the cost of your booking if you are unable to start the holiday on the commencement date due to: ∙ unexpected disruption of the public transport network you could not have reasonably known about before  the date of travel to the holiday; 

∙ injury, or illness happening to you or a member of your immediate family or any person(s) in the group due  to attend the holiday with you; 

∙ death happening to you at any time before the holiday or to a member of your immediate family 4 weeks  or less before the holiday; 

∙ the mechanical breakdown, accident, fire or theft en route of a private vehicle taking you to start the  holiday; 

∙ jury service which you were unaware of at the time of the booking; 

∙ burglary or fire at your residence in the 48 hours immediately before the commencement date of the  holiday that required the attendance of the emergency services; 

∙ you being summoned to appear at court proceedings as a witness which you were unaware of at the time of  booking; 

∙ you being a member of the armed forces and being posted overseas unexpectedly; 

∙ adverse weather including snow, frost, fog or storm where the Police services or other Government agency  have issued warnings not to travel. You must provide confirmation of relevant road closures from the Police  or the relevant Government agency;

∙ you being unexpectedly made compulsorily redundant. 

COVID Guidance

As the coronavirus situation is constantly evolving, we’re updating our guidance to let you know how we’ll handle refunds based on questions you’ve been asking. All the information below is based on our core terms & conditions and does not change them in any way.


If you are displaying symptoms of coronavirus, the current advice is to be tested as soon as possible. Following a test, the below conditions apply based on your results:

Positive Test

If you test positive for COVID-19 and can evidence this your refund will be paid. Your required self-isolation period would need to cover the event date.

Negative test

If you test negative, our normal terms & conditions will apply and a doctor’s note would be required for any illness. If you have a valid doctor’s note, your refund will be paid.

High risk Individuals

If you’re in a high-risk group and were not aware of this at the time of booking, and you later receive a doctor’s note instructing you not to travel to a certain area then your refund will be paid.

Required self isolation

If a member of your immediate family tests positive and you’re required to self-isolate and can evidence this then your refund will be paid. Unfortunately we cannot provide cover for self isolation requested by the government’s Track & Trace system or if you need to self isolate for any other reason.

We unfortunately cannot issue refunds where you choose not to attend an event because you are concerned about catching coronavirus or where the event is cancelled.


If you have not been made redundant or put on notice of redundancy when the booking is made, then your refund will be paid in the event of you being made redundant. Furlough is not considered as notice of redundancy, meaning you can safely purchase tickets and remain protected if you are furloughed. 

Travel Bans

Our terms & conditions exclude Government or Government agency travel bans as follows: “you are prevented from travelling to a booked event due to an outbreak of a contagious disease and the Government or any agency acting on behalf of the Government has imposed a ban on travel.” Therefore if an event is due to happen whilst a ban on travel is in place then we’re not able to issue a refund, irrespective of your reason for claiming.

A travel ban may include:

  • National Lockdown
  • Local Lockdown
  • Border Closure

Social Distancing

If you are unable to attend a booked event due to the government imposing additional social distancing measures and banning larger groups from meeting socially indoors or outdoors, we are unable to issue a refund.

All protection offered above is given subject to the event going ahead as planned. We unfortunately cannot pay refunds where an event does not go ahead as planned.

For any further questions please email us at

What will we not refund? 

We will not provide a refund where: 

∙ you cannot provide a doctor’s report for injury or illness; 

∙ you cannot provide confirmation of the booking; 

∙ the holiday is cancelled by us as the property is not available and an alternative is accepted by you under  our general terms and conditions; 

∙ your sole reason for not attending the holiday is due to another member of your group no longer being able  to attend; 

∙ you are unable to take the holiday because you are unable to obtain a visa to travel; ∙ you decide not to take the holiday other than for a reason included within this Booking Refund Protection; ∙ you are prevented from travelling to the holiday due to disruption of the public transport network which is  public knowledge prior to the commencement date; 

∙ you can recover any part of the cost of the booking from other sources (but this will not affect refund of any  balance if all other conditions for a refund are met); 

∙ in our reasonable opinion, you did not allow sufficient time to travel to the holiday; 

∙ you carry out a criminal act which prevents you taking the holiday; 

∙ you are prevented from travelling to the holiday due to an outbreak of a contagious disease and the  Government or any agency acting on behalf of the Government has imposed a ban on travel; ∙ you make a false or fraudulent refund application or support a refund application by false or fraudulent  document, device or statement; 

∙ you submit your refund request more than 45 days after the booked event. 

We will not pay for travelling or associated expenses or any loss other than the direct cost of the booking. 

We will not pay any consequence of war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war be declared or  not), civil war, rebellion, revolutions, insurrection, military or usurped power, riot, civil commotion, strikes, lockout,  terrorism, malicious intent or vandalism, confiscation or nationalisation of or requisition or destruction of or damage  to property by or under the order of any government or public or local authority. 

We will not pay any costs you incur in submitting or providing evidence to support your refund application. 

General Conditions 

  1. a) you must make all necessary arrangements to arrive at the holiday on the commencement date. b) you must not be aware of any material fact, matter or circumstance, at the time Booking Refund Protection  is purchased, which may give rise to a refund request. 
  2. c) you must take all reasonable precautions to prevent or reduce any request for a refund. d) unless we agree otherwise: 
  3. i) the language of this document and all communications relating to it will be English; and ii) all aspects of the contract, including negotiation and performance, are subject to English laws and  the decisions of English courts. 
  4. e) the cost of Booking Refund Protection is non-refundable unless cancelled within 14 days of purchase (or  before the holiday has taken place if less than 14 days away). To cancel the Booking Refund Protection, you need to contact us within 14 days.

Requesting a Refund 

You must log into and fill in and submit the Refund Application Form as soon as  possible after becoming aware of circumstances that may lead you to request a refund and in any event no more  than 45 days after the commencement date. 

You will be asked to provide at your own expense the following within 45 days of registering your refund application: ∙ confirmation of the booking; 

∙ a doctor’s report where your refund request is for injury or illness or a death certificate where your refund  request is for death; 

∙ an official notice from the transport service provider in the event of delay, cancellation, mechanical  breakdown or accident in relation to the public transport network; 

∙ for the breakdown of a private vehicle, a vehicle recovery service report (AA, RAC or equivalent), copy of  garage repair bill or parts receipt or a relevant police report; 

∙ the original jury invitation inviting you to be a juror; 

∙ in the event of a burglary the police report with crime reference number; 

∙ the original witness summons requesting you to appear in court; 

∙ A copy of a valid visa permitting your travel to the booked event; 

∙ confirmation of relevant road closures from the Police or the relevant Government agency if requesting a  refund due to an official weather warning being issued; 

∙ any reasonable additional evidence that we ask for.