History of Chimney Corner

Historic Chimney

Chimney Corner is a Grade II listed landmark in the Victorian seaside town of Beaumaris. It was originally known as “La Noria” (Waterwheel) and shown on the town plan of 1829. An initiative to have “Hot Baths” was taken by Sir Richard Bulkeley Williams a Whig & Liberal Party politician at the House of Commons, and owner of the local Baron Hill Estate. He leased out land for the construction of the baths. The chimney that you see on our land today, which is a Cadw heritage site, once had a fire at its base to heat the Menai Straits water for use in the Spa.

It is understood they were built around the same time as the Beaumaris Gaol. The house has been a Gentlemans Club; a Young Woman Christian Association and finally a family home. 

Chimney Corner is in the conservation area of Beaumaris and sits in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


A Family Affair

I am Heather, the owner of Chimney Corner. I was born in Amlwch, 20 miles across the Isle of Anglesey, the youngest of 4.
I headed south for pastures new in my early 20’s and enjoyed a career in pharmaceuticals for many years, before deciding to settle down and have a family. We are still based in the south but have looked, for some time, to get a connection back to Snowdonia, not only because my family and I love it, we have twin boys and a daughter, but for my children to be able to be closer to their extended family in Wales.
My sister, “Auntie” Fiona, kindly manages the hands on aspect of the house for us locally, her partner Chris does some maintainence and you will also soon see my brother involved as he has taken some photos for our website as well displaying some of his amazing landscape photography on at Chimney Corner.

Our Eco Credentials

Eco Friendly

When you’ve have decided to avoid all those airmiles by holidaying at home, it’s good to know that the house you are staying in is trying to do its bit for the environment.

Chimney Corner’s location means that it is quite easy to take a break from the car if you’d like to.  If you arrive by train, then it’s a 15 min taxi ride from the main line station in Bangor.  You will then find all you need on your doorstep.  There are also bus routes around the island, you can hop on a bus within 2- 3-minute walk from Chimney Corner.

Our litter system takes advantage of what Veolia are aiming to do on the island, which is to become the gold standard in recycling.  This is made even easier for you as you can feel ok about piling all your rubbish into one bin, as they will do the recycling for you – offering a holiday from re-cycling!

We use eco-friendly cleaning fluids and hand wash soap in recycled glass or recycled plastic bottles

All the energy you are using is renewable energy and where this is not possible, we off set our energy carbon footprint.